Anna Heim


who am I?


My name is Anna Heim. I was born on May 3, 1982 in Germany. I came to Israel in 1997 with my younger brother and my mother. Today, I live in Modi'in, Israel with my husband and my two wonderful sons. 

I am a graphic designer.  I graduated from the Kavim College, Rishon LeTzion in Graphic Design in September 2012. 

I work at a print shop in Tel Aviv as the graphic designer of 3 branches of print shops. I have worked with many clients, creating their business cards, flyers, receipts, posters and much more...

Because of my current job at a print shop I have lots of experience at print design, but I also love designing for web.

I like to accompany my clients from the first stage of the concept till the last stage of completion of a beautiful design. 

I am currently looking for a job that would let me explore more possibilities in the world of graphic design. So if you are looking for a graphic designer - for freelance work or a part/full time position, call me, or e-mail me. You won't regret it!